How To Answer “Why Do You Want To Join Our Company?”

Interviews can be difficult. Interviews can be difficult because you need to pay attention to many things, including your personality, expressions and confidence, as well as great answers. It can be easier to crack them if you are prepared for certain questions.

Interviewers are there to evaluate you. To find out if you are a good fit for their company. This is often done by asking “Why would you like to join our company?”

The most honest answer might be “The pay is great and I’m looking to get a job.” This is not the answer your recruiter wants. He will probably not offer the job to you after receiving this answer.

This will help you to answer the question “Why would you like to work for our company?” with confidence.

Why are you interested in joining our company?

1. To understand your knowledge about the company, your employer must know that you are passionate to work with them. It is important to know the company’s work ethic, greatest achievements, motivations, and overall mission.

2. You need to know what your role is in the job. The interrogator must see that you are aware of your responsibilities. Describe how your skills are perfect for the job and the company’s future.


3. The company should know where this job fits into your career plans. They would like to know how long you plan to stay with them.


4. Companies want employees who are enthusiastic about work. They don’t want employees who only work for the money. They are looking for employees with the same motivation as their company. For eg; Customer satisfaction, serving society, making life simpler, etc.

How to Answer “Your greatest weakness”

How can you prepare for this question?

1. Do your research on the company

Recognizing our efforts is a great feeling for us all. It’s a great feeling for your recruiter. Go to the company’s website or social media accounts, and search for the following:

  1. What is their work culture like?
  2. What mission is the company trying to accomplish?
  3. Find out more about the company’s business operations
  4. Check out the latest news and other important events

If possible, you can also find articles about the company. After you have gathered all information, consider how your skills could benefit the company. What is it that attracts you about the company and its employees? These questions will help you and your interviewer understand why you want to join the company.


2. Carefully read your job description

Do a personality assessment. Take a personality test to determine which parts of your behavior match the job description. This could be patience, customer service recognition, cooperation, and so on.

Think about what experience and knowledge you can bring to the team to help them improve. Three things are important to keep in mind when narrowing down the focus.

  1. Responsibilities that you will have
  2. You have the skills and knowledge to bring them.
  3. You have the personality traits that are suitable for the job

3. Evaluate your career goals

Consider your future vision. It is important not to mention your financial goals or the money. They want to know two things: How long you plan to work and why you work.

These are some of the things you could mention:

  1. Increasing your work performance and efficiency
  2. Attaining a specific designation
  3. Future goals in education or skill enhancement
  4. Personal development goals

Be sure to mention goals that are relevant to the company as well as the job. Your current job can be used to help you achieve your goals. Do not mention plans to work for a different company in the future.

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