How To Write Achievements in Resume?

Imagine this: Every day, HR at your dream company goes through hundreds of resumes. A single job has attracted more than 250 applicants, many of whom have a common background.

Similar skills, same degree, and similar responsibilities in previous roles. Your resume must stand out and leave a lasting impression. Highlighting your accomplishments is one way to achieve this. Learn how to create a resume that highlights achievements.

Where will you write your achievements in a resume?

There are many ways to mention your achievements. You have the option to include a summary, professional experience, skills , or actual accomplishments.

Dear freshers, you have some professional experience. Recall all of your relevant and remarkable achievements and list them in the section.

Mention your achievements in your resume


Your past successes are a great way to make an impression. The recruiter will usually know what your duties are. It is best to tell the recruiter what you don’t know.

If you’re a software engineer, your employer will know that your responsibilities include:

  • Software modification and analysis
  • Testing and constructing user applications
  • Coding codes

However, if you instead state: it will make a lasting impression.

  • The bugs were removed from the software to make it 50% more efficient for XYZ company
  • A pipeline was created for data analysis, which increased the efficiency of program.
  • Software structure was restructured to reduce overhead costs by $5000

The first, i.e. Although the responsibilities might look similar to many resumes, the first one is yours. However, your achievements will be distinctive and unique. For your recruiter to see, give them tangible numbers.

Let’s not just look at numbers. Let’s take a look at some ingredients that can help you create some truly impactful maneuvers.

Don’t be afraid to start fresh. This section allows you to list your personal achievements. This article will show you how to effectively write about your personal accomplishments.

How to Write Achievements on a Resume for Experienced

1. Time span

time span

Mention the time it took to achieve a goal. Indicate how long it took to accomplish a task. Example: “Increased client base by 30% in 2 Months

2. Numbers


Your recruiter should have solid numbers to evaluate your accomplishments. It’s better to quantify your achievements than keep your resume vague.

Example: Increased the traffic to ABC’s website from 20,000 up to 5,00,000. in 15 months.

3. Your efforts will pay off

When listing your achievements, ask yourself the question, “What effort did I put into it?” Whatever the answer is, it’s the result of your efforts.

Without fail, list it in your achievements section. This example: Created 250 blog posts and ebooks that accounted for 40% of the company’s online content.

How to Write Achievements in a Resume for Freshers

Mention your degree and any outstanding scores. Also, you can mention your high school or junior volunteer experience. Mention any awards or other extraordinary achievements you have achieved.

Include your experiences as a captain, or elected representative at your college or school. Tell us about the changes you made and how your community helped you.

You can grab one of the following examples to help you think of something and then paste it onto your resume.


Example of Accomplishments for Freshers

1. For freshers

accomplishments examples for fresher
  • While working part-time as content writer, I maintained a 3.8 GPA.
  • Multiple awards for academic excellence, punctuality and professionalism
  • As a representative for the training and placements cells in XYZ college
  • Two years as a volunteer nurse at XYZ Health Centre. More than 500 people were treated.
  • Responsible for organizing assistance programs to international students in 2018 and 2019.

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