More Women Joining Workforce in 2022 After Pandemic

According to reports, around 90 percent of Indian women have left the workforce. Although there are various claims that indicate most Indian women have left the workforce, they might not be entirely true.

It is a known fact that India’s majority of workforce is made up of men. These facts do not prove that women aren’t working in India, urban or rural. In fact, 2022 will see a greater number of women joining the workforce after the pandemic.

There are many reasons women want to be part of the workforce.

This is mainly because the Covid-19 pandemics of 2020 and 2021 showed that it can be difficult to run a household with a single income.

Savings have suffered a serious beating after many men lost their jobs due to the economic downturns that were caused by the pandemic. Some savings have been reduced by a lot, while others have disappeared completely.

India has reached milestones in the development of vaccines against the Covid-19 pandemic. Most women who lost their jobs in 2020 and 2021 are back as applicants or working in 2022. Many others have set up small businesses or freelance jobs.

It is important to remember that most rural women are employed in agricultural jobs on their own farms and those of others. Many of these women receive agricultural and vocational training from large corporations and NGOs that are involved in Corporate Social Responsibility projects. Bharat Petroleum, a state-owned company, has launched a number of projects that are specifically designed to empower women to create their own income sources.

Inflation is another major reason women are returning to work. A growing number of households are discovering that a single-income model is not sustainable as the Indian Rupee falls rapidly against the US Dollar.

People are spending more because of growing consumerism and the search for new-fangled gadgets in India. Every household needs a second income.

Finally, India is witnessing a digital revolution. There are many courses in digital marketing that appeal especially to women. These courses are for women who want to start digital marketing-related businesses at home.

These courses are usually four to six months in length and economically priced. He adds that women can learn these courses and provide digital marketing services like content creation, SEO and social media management or management from their homes.

One-third of the jobs in India are reserved for women applicants. These jobs are highly competitive and attract more women applicants than is necessary to fulfill the 33.33 percent requirement.

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